The first in-app mobility budget for companies*

Give out a set monthly sum to employees to spend on getting to work.

Public transport ticketing**
Help employees save money on their daily way to work.

Car and bike sharing—with ride hailing, too
Thousands of vehicles for their commute—and more freedom to get around.

Reduced commute times
Making it easier to get to work improves work-life balance.

Instant access to their benefits
No extra forms or filing invoices. Employees just download the app and start booking.

Car or public transport? We give you both. And more.*

Stay flexible
No need to commit to yearly tickets or passes. Bike in the summer and switch to riding in the winter.

Increase office accessibility
In areas with spotty public transport, your workers can use ride hailing or car sharing to get to work.

Boost employee retention and drive new hires
Stand out as an employer who believes in sustainability and improving the quality of life of employees.

Promote sustainability
Give a reason for employees to ditch the company car with bike rentals and public transport.

A digital setup that helps your brand

  • Instant employee signup - No red tape or paperwork. Just sign up employees with their email.
  • Brand it with your logo - Once set up, employees will see your logo when they open the app and check their balance.
  • Keep an eye on costs - Track how much you’re spending to better balance cost and use.

Ready to rethink how your
employees commute?

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*Supported by a partner in some cases.
**Must be available in your city.

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