Extending local transport networks with on-demand microtransit

Urban mobility is changing. Digitalization is opening up new possibilities for transportation, but it is also leading to increasing demands. To meet the needs of today’s urban riders, mobility today has to be available on demand. Ready at any time and in an instant – all the while personalized to meeting the rider’s expectations. At the same time, mobility has to be sustainable and efficient in order to improve people’s quality of life. This requires smart solutions to that bolster local transport networks and continue making them serve as the backbone of urban mobility.

moovel on-demand is a platform for smart cities. Our on-demand service features smart routing and pooling creating efficient solutions for passengers and operators alike. The platform helps transport providers to extend their networks dynamically to flexibly adapt their services that meet customers’ needs. Using advanced algorithms, moovel on-demand enables transport providers to manage and utilize their operations more efficiently - helping advance mobility management into the future.

moovel on-demand can be incorporated seamlessly into existing local transport services, making it a valuable tool in the ongoing development and expansion of any transport network. Together with our partners, we are making cities smarter than ever before, improving the quality of life in urban areas, and paving the way for the future with autonomous vehicles.

Back-end system

The back-end system gives you full control of your on-demand services, ensuring they remain efficient and customer-focused at all times. Designed to function alongside your existing operations, moovel’s on-demand system helps you manage demand while delivering a unique customer experience.

  • Intermodal routing

    Integration into the local transit network to ensure the quickest routes are made

  • Smart algorithms

    Leverage enhanced algorithms to efficient pooling and high utilization

  • Virtual stops

    Reduce rider wait times and travel distances and increase efficiency

  • Demand prediction

    Easily predict demand and manage your fleet services based off our predictive analytics

  • Real-time data

    Determine optimum services with real-time public transit (GTFS) and traffic data

  • Public transport tariff system

    In-app public transport ticketing and adjusted tariff for PT pass holders

  • Ticketing

    Tamper-proof travel authorization

  • In-app payment

    Allowing riders to easily pay through the mobility app

Mobility App

  • Find your route, book tickets, and make payments with just one app
  • Detailed information makes it easy for passengers to locate a particular vehicle
  • Flexible white-labeled branding options are available
  • Use as a stand-alone on-demand app or a multimodal Mobility App
  • Display intermodal routes

Driver App

  • Fast driver and vehicle registration process
  • High degree of automation to help drivers accept and complete journeys
  • Optimized routing based on the latest traffic information and turn-by-turn navigation

Operator Dashboard

  • Cloud-based back-office system that provides an overview of all relevant operational aspects, customer support, and data analytics in real-time.
  • Simple fleet management dispatch process for drivers and vehicles
  • Easily manage and communicate directly with drivers
  • Detailed analysis and real-time reporting enables ongoing optimization of the on-demand service

On-Board Information App

The moovel On-Board information is a customer-facing app and a passenger information display system. It is an in-vehicle app which has been developed in order to enhance overall user experience of passengers. The app shows the current location of the shuttle as well as the current route shuttle follows. Moreover it provides passengers with public transportation connection information shortly before alighting to facilitate smooth transit for connecting passengers.

Identifying the right on-demand services for your city

We would be delighted to advise you on developing a range of on-demand services for your urban area. Using a number of different data sources, we create customized on-demand services to meet the needs of passengers and operators alike. We are also experts in simulating on-demand operations, which allows us to determine exactly which areas require what services and the necessary fleet size. With the help of our trusted partners, we will also happily provide you with assistance in expanding your vehicle fleet.

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