New for Stuttgart public transport: the best price for passengers by app

SSB and moovel work together to offer the SSB BestPreis app

With the SSB BestPreis app, SSB and moovel Group GmbH offer an innovative new way of buying tickets. From today on, the first 500 users who register in the app take part in the pilot phase of the joint offer from moovel and SSB. Customers who are not able to accurately predict their use of local public transport, and thus don't know which routes they will travel in the VVS region or how often, will benefit most from the offer. The app totals together the price for all single tickets bought by the user in a month and assesses which ticket would have been the cheapest. The user then only pays this price. The SSB BestPreis user can begin collecting tickets on any day of the month and will be invoiced exactly a month later.

SSB and the moovel Group are working together to provide this innovative offer. The app also provides timetable information, booking functionality, invoicing and customer route planning. SSB integrates its fares information into the project, uses its algorithms to calculate the best respective price for the SSB BestPreis user and provides the corresponding tickets. moovel supplies the technological foundation for the app. Under the name moovel transit, the moovel Group offers white label solutions for transit authorities and agencies allowing them to sell mobile tickets using their own name and corporate image. Users of the SSB BestPreis app are thus customers of both SSB and moovel.

The app is available for free download for iOS and Android devices from January 10, 2018. SSB and moovel will extend the SSB BestPreis customer base to 20,000 users in February 2018. This second phase of the trial will initially run over two years.

SSB had been searching for a partner with whom they could test and implement new sales channels. “The use of local public transport in Stuttgart should be made as easy as possible. The SSB BestPreis app ensures that our passengers can use buses and trains simply and at the best price without having to determine their routes in advance and without knowledge of the VVS fares,” explains Stefanie Haaks, Commercial Director of SSB. “We have been able to smoothly integrate our algorithms into the moovel white label solution.”

“We want to simplify urban mobility. And this includes cashless, simple and seamless access to local public transport,” says Daniela Gerd tom Markotten, CEO of the moovel Group GmbH. “We are pleased that we are able to make the use of buses and trains more attractive with the SSB BestPreis app.”

The service provided by the SSB BestPreis app should make travel with Stuttgart local public transport more attractive and as easy as possible, especially for customers who cannot predict short- or long-term their local public transport usage or those who do not have in-depth knowledge of the VVS fares. The app totals together the journeys made by the SSB BestPreis user over a month and calculates the best possible price. Passengers only have to register in the app to be able to benefit from this offer. The user purchases individual tickets for the VVS region as usual via the app. At the end of the invoicing period of one month, the algorithms calculate an optimal combination of short-trip, single, day and monthly tickets and the user is only charged the cheapest option. Hence, users no longer have to search for the cheapest ticket option themselves. For example: a passenger buys four single tickets for zone 10 on one day for a total price of 9.48 euros. The algorithms of the BestPreis app recognize a cheaper option with an “UmweltTagesTicket” day ticket for 4.50 euros. The user thus saves 4.98 euros by using the SSB BestPreis app.

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