Travel by bus and train in Stuttgart and pay the lowest possible price

Using public transportation in Stuttgart is now even easier with the BestPreis powered by moovel app provided by the Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB) and the moovel Group.

This new service is ideal for passengers who don't know exactly how often they will use public transportation and which routes and services they will use in the VVS area. The app saves all the bus and train tickets purchased during the course of a month and, with the help of an intelligent algorithm, calculates the cheapest possible combination of those tickets, reducing price complexity and ensuring that users always pay the best price for the routes they travel.

How it works

First, individual travel authorizations for the VVS area are purchased via the app. At the end of the billing period, the algorithm calculates the cheapest possible combination of short, single, day, and monthly tickets and invoices the passenger for those tickets. This means that passengers no longer need to spend time searching for the cheapest ticket. Users of the SSB BestPreis app can begin collecting tickets on any day during the month - the price will then be calculated exactly one month later.


On a single day, a passenger buys four single tickets for Zone 10, costing a total of EUR 9.48. The SSB BestPreis app's algorithm calculates that the cheapest ticket he could have used for his journeys is a day ticket costing EUR 4.50. The passenger thus saves EUR 4.98 by using the app.

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