The new flexibility for Dresden

Riders can now search for connections, book and pay for rides all in one app, with one account.
Let's get Dresden moving!
  • Connection Search

    Quick and easy search for connections.

  • ÖPNV Ticketing

    DVB's public transport network is the cornerstone of the app.

  • MOBIbikes

    Nextbikes complement the public transport and are useful not only for the "last mile".

  • teilAuto

    Find available teilAuto vehicles easily.


To begin your journey, enter your desired destination and select your starting point. The MOBI app will show you then the time needed for the journey and the costs for public transport and MOBIbike. Additionally, you can search for available teilAuto vehicles on the map.


Tap either the public transport icon or the bike icon and book directly in-app!


Complete your booking by clicking "buy" or "rent".

Ride & discover the city

Once your payment transaction is complete, you are ready to ride! You can view the details of your booking in the "Bookings" tab. For public transport tickets, you will directly receive an invoice via email. For bike sharing, you will receive an invoice as soon as you have ended the ride.

Let's get Dresden moving!