moovel piloted innovative demand-responsive employee transportation in Singapore

In October 2018, moovel demonstrated the advantages of its moovel on-demand ride-sharing platform for employee transportation. In the FlexSG trial in Singapore, up to 100 employees daily used the dynamic ride-pooling service for trips between company locations. The easy-to-use moovel app allowed the employees to conveniently and safely book shuttles and provided real-time status information.

moovel’s state-of-the-art technology ensured that the employees arrived at their destination within a defined time limit after booking a shuttle. By balancing punctuality and vehicle occupation, moovel’s smart ride-matching engine delivered a great experience for the employees and high operational efficiency for the company. With the live status overview on the Operator Dashboard, the company had full transparency over the timely arrival of their employees.

Reliable, efficient & convenient

  • Convenient: Booking via moovel’s easy-to-use
    Passenger App
  • Reliable: Pick-ups at predefined locations with real-time
    ETA of shuttle
  • Punctual: Smart ride-matching and routing algorithms ensure timely arrival at destination
  • Safe & transparent: Professional drivers and live status of ongoing trips via Dashboard

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